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The patient who has ovarian cancer taking chemo. Dr. recommended Tdap (90715) as weaking immune system during chemo. Would you know what is the appropriate code based on this situation. V061 was rejected by Blue Cross.???? as preventive. Thank you for any idea. read more





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Maybe the insurance company does not cover any vaccinations. The denial may not have been prompted by the icd-9 code, it may have been based on the CPT code. The insurance considers it preventative.


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Perhaps you could try to appeal the denial and send in the documentation/office notes stating the reason was medical (the weakened immune system due to ovarian cancer treatment) and not preventive. Hope this helps! Teresa Collins, CPC


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Hi, I am quailifed for that job position and will apply the job at your agency. Thank you Diana
Just thought I would also mention that you might get more replies if you post your diagnosis questions under the diagnosis forum - scroll down farther in the forum listings to medical coding - you will see listing for all types of specialti...
780.60 is a valid code, your system may have an edit to "kick back" unspecified codes, if so you need to speak with administration to have the edit removed. You can and sometimes should use unspecified codes. ...
you are probably using the wrong key word .. look under outpatient APC or APG or OPPS (outpatient prospective payment system) most of these key words will helps link you to some valuable resourse. That is what I did many years ago and it ...
If the patient is currently pregnant and the record is documenting gestational diabetes of a previous pregnancy, then V23.49 (history of condition affecting management of current pregnancy) could be used. If not pregnant but just noting co...
Thank you very much for your response. Does anyone else agree or disagree? Can I have more input to present to my manager?
Quote: Originally Posted by kiki12345 thanks and good luck! The 4 years experience helped! I passed! Since you're an RN and you now have your CPC, why not look into doing QA? I have all ...
Zometa does not treat breast ca it treats osteopenia or osteoporosis. If the osteo.. condition is due to the cancer treatment then you use the osteo code first followed by an adverse effect E code and a hx of Breast cancer code if there is...
The ICD-10 Proficiency Assessment is the only step of this roadmap required for all certified AAPC members. You should prepare yourself as you would for other exams or assessments. To ensure employers continue to have confidence in a certif...
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